Window Cleaning Domestic and Commercial

Brilliant Window Cleaning with the eco-friendly Reach & Wash System

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Domestic & Commercial Window Cleaning

Sparkling clean windows with the eco-friendly Reach and Wash System.

As specialists in the domestic & commercial window cleaning industry we offer all sizes of homes & businesses in London a chance to shine. Using innovative window and sign cleaning methods, such as the “Reach and Wash” water-fed pole system, we can easily overcome the problem of cleaning those hard-to-reach areas of your business or home property. All of which results in the very minimal disruption to company or home life while providing the very highest levels of service and an exceptional standard of cleaning.

And when we perform our roles as window cleaners we don’t forget the safety aspect of our duties. The Blue Flag Clean team are all fully conversant with health and safety guidelines, especially in regard to safe window cleaning methods and risk assessment. Property hazards and risks are always assessed by our team prior to commencing the clean.

Window Cleaning for everyone…

  • Business, domestic and communal premises
  • Water Fed Pole system cleaning many storeys high
  • Contract Cleaning – Choose your own schedule
  • ‘One Off’ Cleaning
  • Conservatory and Solar Panel Cleaning
  • No chemicals – 100% pure water
  • Fully insured
Reach and Wash System

1 – Commercial Window Cleaning

Blue Flag Window Cleaners can service all types of business premises in London including office blocks, shops, schools, hotels, nursing homes and many more.

Benefits of our Reach & Wash System

Reach and Wash is the fantastic window cleaning system that allows us to clean both glass and window frames to a brilliant shine. The water used during the cleaning is pumped straight from our vehicle through five stages of filtration and finally through a fine resin to remove all impurities for 100% pure water. Then applied through the water-fed pole, it cleans and dries to a perfectly clear, smear-free finish that is chemical-free and eco-friendly!


Better Health & Safety

Significantly reduces risk of an accident to the window cleaner, your staff or your clients.


Damage Limitation

Reduces the risk of property damage caused by ladders – ie sills, slates, tiles, gutters and even to nearby cars.


Cost Saving

For higher storeys it saves hiring lifting equipment and no time is wasted climbing ladders.

Total Cleaning

Using Reach and Wash, as well as cleaning glass to a brilliant shine we clean the frame and window sill too.

2 – Domestic Window Cleaning

Blue Flag Window Cleaners can service all types of homes in London including 3 and 4 storey properties and apartment windows with no balcony access.


Less Risk of Damage

The ‘Reach and Wash system’ easily reaches to clean windows over lawns and flower beds.


Greater Privacy

With no need for ladders for upper storey windows, your privacy is assured with Blue Flag Clean.


Solar Panel Cleaning

No climbing on the roof to clean solar panels and the 100% pure water leaves a brilliant clean shine.

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