Apartment & Mansion Block Cleaning

Across North London we maintain the communal and living areas of all type of homes.

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Apartment & Mansion Block Cleaning & Maintenance

Keeping entrances, stairways, corridors and lifts clean and safe for your tenants.

Apartment and mansion block maintenance and cleaning contracts by Blue Flag Clean. Protect your apartment and mansion blocks from the spread of Coronavirus by keeping all the common areas and touchpoints sanitised and clean. Blue Flag Clean has over 20 years’ experience in apartment and mansion block cleaning and currently provide cleaning services to many well-known developments from Harrow to Harringay.

All cleaning staff are fully trained and managed by a dedicated supervisor. We can provide an effective cleaning schedule to keep all the communal areas spotless and hygienic. We deal with property managers and owners to plan a suitable and effective cleaning schedule to ensure all communal areas are kept spotlessly clean and sterilised.

We can clean and maintain your apartment building or mansion block with…

  • Internal cleaning services
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Hardwood floor cleaning
  • Hard surface pressure washing
  • Window cleaning
  • Pest control
  • Drain clearing
  • Electrical services
  • Gasworks
  • Plumbing
Apartment block cleaning in London

Apartment Block Cleaning To Suit Your Needs

You choose the times and days for cleaning or maintenance which may be daily, weekly, monthly, staggered or even one-offs.

Our apartment and mansion block cleaning is tailored to suit each individual client, circumstance, or building. We will keep communal areas clean and even arrange maintenance if required. We also clean inside individual apartments too.
Apartment block cleaning in London
Mansion block cleaning in London
Mansion block cleaning in London
Apartment block cleaning in London